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TrueSight Server Automation is developed for automated management, control, and implementation of server patching and configuration changes in the data centre and the cloud. It allows the admins to provision, configure, patch, and maintain physical, virtual, and cloud servers. Its pre-configured compliance policies and fail-proof risk mitigation abilities ensure the full cycle of system discovery, efficient monitoring, remediation, and integrated change control. Furthermore, it cuts down mean time to repair (MTTR) and reduces the downtime risk. With its intelligent, closed loop for automated remediation, you can experience the rise in IT efficiency by 87%. TrueSight Server Automation eliminates the need for advanced programming or scripting skills, thereby reducing administration time and cost.

Key Features at a Glance:


Achieve superior consistency, security and reliability with the policy-based application of operational, security, and regulatory guidelines. Reinforce deployments and achieve compliance twice as fast with pre-configured policies for CIS, DISA, HIPAA, PCI, SOX, NIST, and SCAP. Check compliance of any system at any time by creating historical, auditable records with change control.


Keep your systems up, running and safe by reducing the attack surface quickly.

Manage change, configuration, and patching activities to close vulnerabilities with SecOps to minimize the security threats. Prioritize vulnerabilities as per severity and business impact with TrueSight Vulnerability Management and ensure better decision-making with regards to security and protection of uptime and stability.


Automate the patching process, analyse servers, and schedule patches to fit maintenance windows that meet business needs. Automate rolling patch implementations for clustered servers with ad hoc tasks or Network Shell (NSH). Monitor the patch jobs in process by receiving real-time status. Open and close change tickets automatically with ITSM integration.


Reap benefits from a single, multi-platform solution that takes care of end-to-end server lifecycle management. Perform configuration inspection, virtual machine creation, or snapshot creation via a single interface. Automate end-to-end tasks by running NSH commands or your pre-existing scripts across platforms. Use flexible methods including unattended, image-based, script-based, or template-based installs to provision servers. Deliver software updates and applications faster and as a part of DevOps processes.

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