Atrium Orchestrator

BMC Atrium Orchestrator, an IT process automation solution, aids the IT staff in developing workflows across applications, platforms, and tools to devise crucial activities for compliance, security, and competitive edge. Atrium Orchestrator is designed to eliminate repetitive, manual task, and to reduce errors and downtime caused by it. It helps decrease the cost of server, network, and database audits by 25%, reduces MTTR for most common service problems by 35%, and brings down service desk ticket volume by 30%. This state-of-the-art solution implements self-service features to cater to typical IT service requests like onboarding new hires, password resets, and service provisioning or decommissioning. Moreover, it allows the service desk staff to automatically prioritize incidents, initiate remediation, or apply ITIL® governance to compliance enforcement processes for servers, networks, and databases.

Key Features at a Glance:


Develop additional workflows specific to your environment with BMC Atrium Orchestrator Content which consists of over 50 base & application adapters, operations actions & workflows, and 550+ run books. The adapters provide a robust integration framework and strengthen your existing infrastructure. Operations actions & workflows offer processes, schedules, rules, and configuration items for specific operational disciplines. Operational modules and run books help you get started quickly with modules like continuous compliance for networks, servers, databases and more.


This is a graphical authoring tool built to create, modify, and test workflows that replace human interactions and enable system-to-system business processes. BMC Atrium Orchestrator Development Studio provides easy access to a library of subroutines, or utilities, that lets you quickly build workflows. It also enables you to call adapters, which interface with standard protocols, BMC products, and third-party programs.


BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform is an efficient peer-to-peer grid architecture which extends high-availability, load-balancing and effective performance for fail-proof functioning. Based on open standards, it provides the scalability, resiliency, and security needed for enterprises irrespective of their sizes. Its effective process monitoring provides dashboards and reporting of the cross-domain automation effectiveness in your IT environment.

Increase the productivity for your IT staff and business with the fast, flexible and automatic BMC Atrium Orchestrator Platform which helps you visualize end-to-end business process automation and cuts down manual work by 90%!

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